Take a Little Walk with Me….

27 May

Just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is Amber and I’m a 31-year-old married mom from Pennsylvania. I’m married to a wonderful man and a great teacher, Andrew. Our daughter is the lovely (and challenging) Emmylou.

My family came into homesteading sort of without realizing it. Six month ago my husband and I were discussing the 99% movement. Being pretty hardcore liberals, we agree with the ideals behind the movement but we were also disgusted by the way the big corporations have made our lives impossible without their product. But then we got to thinking, maybe there is something we can do, at least a little bit. Instead of buying our food from grocery stores, where the animals that provide the meat are subjected to horrible living conditions on factory farms, and produce is injected with so many chemicals and dyes to survive the trip to the grocery store, we could grow our own. Fortunately, we’re a family of vegetarians (well, we try at least), so providing our own food would be a lot less complicated. We were fortunate to have my parents volunteer a large plot of their own land to our garden until we had enough money saved to buy a house with enough property of our own.

And of course came the research. But here’s where I came up with the idea of the Heathen Homestead. See, most of the literature I came across was very informative, but all the writers were approaching the topic from a religous point of view. It wasn’t something I felt I could relate to as my husband and I are atheists/humanists. To be fair, I was getting a lot of great advice toward achieving every one of those goals from all the books and blogs I was reading. 

I guess it all boiled down to I needed to find resources for homesteading that fit my famiy’s values and ideasl. And while those books are great resources, they weren’t approaching the subject the same way I would. So it’s with this in mind that I decided to start a blog for other people like me. People who don’t look at homesteading as a means to get back to the world that God intended, but to make a life that benefits all the humans and animals involved.  I hope I can turn this into an informative resource for other atheists/humanists. And if not, well, I hope you are at least a little entertained as my family makes the big leap from relying on big box grocery stores and other corporate entities to sustain us, to sustaining ourselves.


2 Responses to “Take a Little Walk with Me….”

  1. Justin Laird June 1, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Just wanted to say, keep up the good work! Me and my partner have started this transition as well. We live in a second-story apartment though, so that comes with it’s own challenges. Excited to read about your progress and learn from your exploits.

    • heathenhomesteader June 1, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

      Have you checked out the e-book Your Custom homestead? She addresses those homesteaders who live in apartments and has some great advice. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you and your partner are having as much fun as we are!

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