Our Story

Hi, and thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy reading about the amazing adventure called homesteading that my family decided to embark upon a little over a year ago.
Why homesteading in this modern era of convenience and technology? Well, for starters, we’re probably not what you envision most homesteaders to be (and here’s a hint, most homesteaders these days aren’t). We’re not looking to party like it’s 1899. We enjoy our electricity, running water, and modern gadgets-though there are a few we’ve been thinking of getting rid of, just for the sake of not using them all that often, so no need to pay for it. A multitude of reasons led us to the homesteading lifestyle. As more and more research about what goes into that cheap, easily accessible food in the grocery stores was coming to light, the more we felt it was important to feed ourselves and our child healthy, organic food. But that stuff is expensive at the store right? How easy would it be to grow our own? If we grew our own, taking care as to how we were growing it, we could ensure that many of the chemicals necessary for making processed, ready-made food would be staying out of our bodies. And it wasn’t just the processed food that was bad for you. A lot of the produce you buy has to be treated with chemicals, just to survive the trip from whatever factory farm it was coming from to get to the grocery store then to your table.
So, we grabbed some seed packets, some garden hoes and got started. Now, anyone who knows me, knows this was the riskiest part of our venture. First of all, I married a man who absolutely hates gardening. He hates pulling weeds and thinks mulch is the most pointless thing ever invented, no matter how hard I try to convince him to the contrary. As for me, well let’s say I wasn’t working with the greenest of thumbs. Every flower that survived my attempts at a garden was considered a small victory, and up until last year, there were more causalities than not.
Vegetable garden under way, and doing amazingly if I do say so myself, thanks to help from family and books, I decided to do a bit more research into the homesteading lifestyle. What I found amazed, scared and challenged me all a the same time. Not only did homesteaders grow their own food, but they learned to preserve it. So, that meant buying a good guide to home canning. And that process scared me. But, with a little practice and a lot of research, I found it was easy and fun. And a great family activity. My husband and I make a kick-ass canning team. And I have enough applesauce and peach preserves to last us until we never want to eat the stuff again. But, in addition to canning your own, the homesteading movement is about doing a lot of things for yourself, and foregoing store-bought. Things like candles, soap, cleaning supplies-all of which can be homemade out of all natural ingredients, as opposed to the chemical-filled varieties you find in the store.
And lastly, thanks to the book “Organized Simplicity” by Tsh Oxenreider, it was time to clean house-literally. We spent a week going through our house, room by room, decided what was needed in our lives and what wasn’t. It really helped us decide what was truly important to us, not only as a family, but as individuals.
All in all it’s been an amazing year. I’ve learned so much about myself, what I’m capable of, what I really enjoy. And we’ve grown closer as a family because of this journey. We are doing so much more together now than we ever did. It’s helped me decide who I want to be and what kind of mother I want to be. And it’s showed me what’s truly important in this life-the health and happiness of my family.
That’s not to say it hasn’t been a lot of work. Sometimes the work is bone-achingly hard. But it’s also been a lot of fun. And when you’re having this much fun, how couldn’t I want to share it with others?


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